Archibald Buchanan Farm

Archibald Buchanan Farm

Buchanan Farm Oil Company and Black Bess  Digitally Watermarked

Buchanan Farm Oil Company and Black Bess

Photographer/Illustrator Year Repository
Unknown R.G. Healey Collection

Example Companies Owning or Leasing Lands on the Farm

Company Name Year Chartered Authorised Capital Stock (Dollars) Location of Head Office Additional Information
Oil Basin Petroleum Company 1864 500000 - Has Rouse interest in the Archibald Buchanan Farm of 274a., comprising 1/12th of all oil and minerals; also Rouse interest(so called) in John Buchanan Farm of 151 a. - 1/8th of oil and minerals
Rouseville Oil Company 1865 600000 Philadelphia lands about 50acres on Archibald Buchanan Farm, Cornplanter Twp, Venango Co.