Farrel Farm

Farrel Farm

Farrel Farm  Digitally Watermarked

Farrel Farm

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Unknown R.G. Healey Collection

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Farrel Farm from Oil Creek

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Example Companies Owning or Leasing Lands on the Farm

Company Name Year Chartered Authorised Capital Stock (Dollars) Location of Head Office Additional Information
Commonwealth Oil Company - 1000000 New York Half share in fee of Farrel Farm - 35a. of operative lands on Oil Creek; undivided one sixth of Hosmer Tract, 500a. on Hosmer Run, near Garland; 373a. in fee on Mead Run, Venango Co PA
Revenue Oil Company - 250000 New York property interest in the Noble Well and the Farrell farm, Venango Co
Woods and Wright Oil Creek Company - 650000 New York leases on Oil Creek on Farel, Caldwell,Hyde and Egbert,Tarr and Story Farms, latter is the territory of the Columbia Oil Company