Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

These data are mainly derived from the Annual Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania. The years were largely chosen because the requisite data were not available on genealogical websites at the time this project was commenced. The years currently represented include 1869 (Schuylkill County only), 1870, 1873, 1874, 1876, 1878 and 1886. The data for 1874 here relate only to the Eastern Middle Coal Field at present. Further data for this and other years will be added as time permits.

In the earlier years, in particular, there are considerable problems with the standardisation of the names of mines. Also, the details of individual accidents range from minimal to voluminous, so they have been classified into a number of basic types. A number of checks have been made on the accuracy of the data and a good deal of standardisation has been undertaken. However, it is to be expected, in a dataset of this size and complexity, that a small number of errors and inconsistencies will remain.

Therefore these data are provided as an aid to personal research and no guarantees as to their accuracy or fitness for any purpose are given. Users should confirm specific details themselves by consulting the original reports, which are mostly available on-line in the Internet Archive.

Although copyright in the original data has long since expired, the copyright in this compilation and the generated search listings rests with the editor. Access to the data is provided under the same terms as the US GenWeb project, in particular, that the contents of this site may not be downloaded and stored electronically in databases or re-published, without the written permission of the editor

The editor regrets that he is unable to enter into correspondence on individual matters of family history.